Hollywood Makeovers for Cancer Patients

Hair & Makeup

Our mission is to make you feel like a beautiful, shining star again with a star studded makeover.

Wigs of Love provides premium hair pieces & wigs for women who are going through or have gone through chemotherapy.

Serving in Burbank, California, Atlanta, Georgia, & Washington, DCHair & Makeup - Hair Pieces

Who We Are

Discover the organization that strives to provide a sense of beauty in women who have battled the fight against cancer, Wigs of Love offers services including premium hair pieces and wigs to strong women that have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and chemotherapy.

For centuries, women have treated their hair as a crown of glory. With our mission we strive to give back the crown of glory and assure you will feel beautiful again. We do this by providing an amazing experience you won't ever forget featuring a makeover and professional photo shoot to capture this wonderful memory forever.

Contact us today and choose the organization that wants to make a real difference in the lives of women affected by cancer by helping them feel beautiful both on the inside and outside.